Pastor David Smith and our friends at the First Bible Baptist Church in Harmony, Pennsylvania asked us to join them for their Sunday services. The church was very interested in the ministry the Lord gave us and took the time to ask questions and talk after the service.  This is always an encouragement to my wife and I! We did have a little bit of a mishap right before we went to the church.  It seems a skunk lives under the house where we keep our clothes and equipment. We never saw the animal but you could certainly smell him all over the house and our belongings.  The night before the meeting we drenched everything in fabreeze and lit a bunch of candles.  This helped but you could still detect a faint odor on some of our clothes. We arrived at the church and hoped the smell had died enough for no one to notice.  Before starting my message I said if anyone caught the faint aroma of skunk don’t blame your friends in the next pew, it’s your missionaries!  It seems the deputation trail has been full of unexpected adventures!  We thank the Lord for letting us serve Him!