Extension Classes have started again! We have several teams going out every Saturday to teach kids about Christ. It’s exciting because this year it’s not just staff and college students, but church members are volunteering to lead classes too! Sometimes getting to the class is an adventure all on its own.  Chris warned me, “Come prepared because we’re going to cross a river.” My husband enjoys teasing me so I didn’t think he was serious; not until I saw the river. :) There are easy places to cross but some days we can’t because the hard rains raise the water levels.  On one such day a teen from our group fell and was completely soaked!  On those days I look at my husband and say, “Why are we doing this?” :) But truly, there is a reason because just across that river is a little town full of people that need Christ! And when they see a foreign family cross that river, they want to know why!  That gives us a great opportunity to share the Gospel with them.