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Celebrating 13 Years!

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13 years ago, Pastor Travis Lewis and his family started North Cebu Baptist Church. After years of investing their lives, God used them to see many people saved and baptized. The Lewis’ were also the tool God used to bring our family to Cebu and we were so blessed by their partnership!  Now, 13 years later we celebrate as a church that is well on its way to being nationalized. The church members raised the money for this special day themselves! And the Lord blessed their giving! The church was packed with 349 adults, some of them first-time guests and others were returning visitors who have come throughout the years. On this day, souls were given another opportunity to hear the Gospel and consider Christ’s work on the cross.  We thank the Lord for North Cebu Baptist Church and what He has done through this ministry!  Please pray for us as we continue the work and reach out those who desperately need the Savior! 

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