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Calvary Bible Baptist Church~Rochester, NY

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Pastor Drew Stewart and Calvary Bible Baptist Church in Rochester, New York had us come and present our burden for the Philippines during their Sunday services.  In honor of September 11th we took the time to remember that fateful day and all the lives that were touched.  We were reminded that even in the midst of tragedy good things did happen.  The story was told of a lady who worked in the World Trade Center but wasn’t there that day because she was giving birth to her baby girl.  Now she lives in the Rochester area not too far from the church.  To this day people credit the child for saving her mother from the terrorist attacks.  Truly the Lord’s hand was in it.  It was a special day for other reasons as well.  At one point in his ministry the pastor was a missionary to Ireland.  As he was telling me this I was shocked and suddenly remembered that he had even visited our home church!  I still have his prayer card!  Pastor Stewart went on to tell me that as he traveled on deputation there would be times when he was asked to sign a young man’s Bible.  This inspired him to turn the tables and so occasionally he would ask young men who wanted to serve God to come and sign his Bible.  He then proceeded to open his Bible and point at a signature.  There in his Bible was my name alongside with my church.  As a fourteen year old boy I had signed that man’s Bible!  At the time I had no idea that someday I would be a missionary.  I just knew I wanted to serve Christ.  Now here I was, a twenty-six year old missionary looking down at my signature. I was shocked!  I don’t even remember signing the Bible, but there was my handwriting in Pastor Stewart’s Bible.  God is so good!  I could hardly preach after that I was so amazed.  What a blessing to see God work in my life! 

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