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Bible Baptist Temple~Campbell, OH

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We were asked to join Pastor Ferguson and Bible Baptist Temple for their Sunday evening service.  As it turns out Campbell, Ohio has some interesting history.  The gentleman who wrote the Old Rugged Cross lived there when he penned that beloved hymn.  I thought that was pretty neat!  The service went really well. As I was preaching I started to tell several jokes about Elizabeth and we lost electricity!  It would come back on and I would proceed to tell another joke, only to lose the lights again.  I laughed, “Well, I guess I better stop lying about my wife!”  Pastor Ferguson and his family had actually met Elizabeth when she was just seven years old.  It’s amazing to see where God has taken our lives.  He alone gets the glory! 


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  1. Chrystal Ciarniello

    Dear Chris and Elizabeth,
    I came across your post on the web here in such a random way, but I was just looking at your prayer card earlier today, wondering how the two of you were doing. I am a member of Bible Baptist, and I so enjoyed the evening you were able to spend with us. The timing of the loss of electricity was pretty hysterical, but your purpose for preaching God’s Word and sharing your burden still shone through. You two will be in my prayers. I see from the slideshow that Elizabeth delivered a beautiful baby since you were here. Congratulations!!

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