These are a few problems a missionary family may encounter while living in the Philippines. We got a good chuckle out of this and hope you will too! Chris was brave enough to take the bucket shower! 

1.) A Black Out Cook Out! So you were cooking dinner and the lights went out? It happens! No worries if you have a gas stove! Just grab a flashlight (say a prayer) and wing it. :) 

2.) A Black Out Means…NO WATER! Here’s a fun fact. In the Philippines, when a blackout strikes the water quits too. This can be bad news if the power is off all day! In a country that has an unlimited supply of humidity this means it won’t be long before you’re unable to be around people (think sweat, body odor…you get the picture! ) Don’t worry, it’s more than likely that your neighbors have stored buckets of rain water just for this occasion. Grab a bar of soap, a little bucket, and shower outside (fully clothed of course). :)

3.) A Black Out May Force You To Toss It Out! If the meat in your freezer happens to go bad during your power loss by all means toss it out! Just be prepared to have people come by and take it directly out of your trash! Yes, you can try to warn them of the dangers of spoiled meat but odds are they aren’t going to listen…..

4.) Don’t Mess With Nap Time! I am a vigilant guardian of my kid’s naps, but what if the power goes out during that sweet hour of quiet time? One of the beautiful things about living in the Philippines is the miniature hammocks. If the kiddos can’t sleep without a fan just find a nice place to hang your hammock and you’re set.