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9 Years & Counting


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So this post is waaaay late BUT we celebrated our 9th anniversary on November 28!  A lot has changed in that time. I’m a bit bigger than I was 9 years ago and Elizabeth…well she’s even more beautiful than before. :) But seriously, something very important has changed.  Through time our relationship has grown. It is wonderful to love someone completely for who they are, all their strengths and flaws. And it is wonderful to have them love you the same way!  What a beautiful picture of God’s love for us: unconditional, complete, and all-encompassing.  I think God also intended marriage to make us better Christians. There’s nothing like living with a completely different person to show you your own selfishness and pride.  Yes, a lot has changed in 9 years and I am thankful for it!  Except for the extra pounds…that needs to go. :)  

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  1. Dan Priore

    Happy Anniversary- real late and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year a little late. Thanks for being a blessing and ambassador for all of us.
    Dan and Kathy Priore

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