A Visit and VBS

Sunday night we dropped in on Hedstrom Baptist Church for a visit. When we arrived, we noticed that things didn’t seem quite set up for a church service, and there were a lot of kids around…. We had picked the first night of their Vacation Bible School to drop in!



As this was only a few days after our church’s VBS, we were happy to jump right in and help. They swiftly put us to work in the craft area making “worker bees.” Justin was able to find some bee facts, and think up a little lesson to share with the kids as they worked on their craft: worker bees do what they are supposed to without being told, and that’s how we should be too!




We enjoyed getting to meet the church members and kids in a less formal setting, and we look forward to going back sometime to see what a “real” church service is like. 🙂