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We are just regular church members who are willing to go where God leads us! Below are the stories of our salvation, and the events God used to lead us to Papua New Guinea


Justin’s Testimony

I was saved in 1998 on October 11th. I was 8 years old. I grew up in a Christian home, and I was always in Sunday School and church. I knew the plan of salvation, and I could probably have led some of my friends to Jesus, if they had asked. The fact is, though, that I had never humbled myself, asked Jesus to forgive me, and accepted him.

One night at church, I was under conviction. I can’t tell you what was preached, but during the invitation, I called my dad down from the sound room, and he took me into the Pastor’s office, and led me to the LORD. That night, at 8 years old, I realized that it wasn’t just about knowing who Jesus is, but it’s all about admitting your sins, and realizing that you need someone to save you. I asked him to do that, and since then, I’ve always been able to look to that moment and rely on his promise to keep me.

As a young teen, I was set on going into the Air Force. I was in the Civil Air Patrol, and I was keeping my grades up so I could apply to the Air Force Academy. I wanted to fly jets for a living. In 2005, my youth pastor took me on a missions trip to Ireland. We visited Bro. Smith, a Canadian missionary, and then we visited Bro. Ledbetter. I saw such cool things that God was doing around the world and it made an impression on me. At the age of fifteen, God was working on my heart to go into missions, specifically in mission aviation. I wanted to be a help to missionaries in their fields.

In 2007, my family moved to Buffalo, NY and we became members at Faith Bible Baptist Church. Pastor Seth took me to the Philippines, and there I learned how important it is to not just help missionaries, but also to have a heart for the people. Since then, I have gone on other trips with Pastor Seth, and I’ve tried to prepare myself for entering the foreign mission field someday. I have learned under men in my church things like putting time into our people, in our church Bus ministry. I have been blessed with good role models and perfect situations, which God set up, to train me in reaching people.

After my last trip with Pastor Seth, to Papua New Guinea, Chad Wells invited my wife and I back to help them in their print ministry. I believe, as well as my pastors, that this is God putting us on the field for a short time, at the least. I think that God will be using this trip to get us ready for whatever he has down the road for us – whether staying in PNG, or leaving for another field full time. Either way, it is an honor to be considered by my Lord for service abroad.



Kayleigh’s Testimony

When I was a little girl, my family didn’t go to church much. When I was 8 years old, dad’s co-worker invited our family to church. I was taken to a Jr Church class. I didn’t know any of the stories, songs, or what being saved meant! At the end of class, the teachers gave an invitation and asked anyone who didn’t know if they were saved to raise their hand. I raised my hand, and one of the teachers took me out into the hallway and shared the gospel with me. That day I accepted Jesus as my Savior.

My parents were both saved a few weeks later. God started working in our lives, and we began to grow: we attended church every service we could, all of our standards began to change for the better. When I was 10, my family moved from PA to NY, and started attending Faith Bible Baptist Church, where we immediately got involved in ministries and continued to grow.

When I was 18, I started working in our Church Office and Print Shop. This job has gave me a chance to learn much about the workings of a church, taught me much about printing tracts and booklets, as well as being a help to my pastor and church.

A few months after I started the job, I took my first mission trip to the Philippines. It opened my eyes to missions. I knew God wanted me to be involved somehow in missions, so for the next few years, I took more of an interest in meeting missionaries, listening to their stories, seeing their presentations, and just learning more about missions.

My husband and I were married in September 2012. A few months later, we had the opportunity to go on a missions trip to PNG to visit the Chad Wells family. During that time we learned from Bro. and Mrs. Wells a little about the culture and the people. My husband, Justin, spent a lot of time with Bro Wells in the print shop. While we were there, he helped print thousands of gospel tracts.

Towards the end of our trip, Bro. Wells invited us back to help print the Bible in their Print Shop. That was very exciting to my husband and I, because we knew we wanted to be involved in missions somehow, but we didn’t know when or where. After talking and praying about it, and talking with our pastors and parents, we believe this is a great opportunity to do something for God, to gain experience, and possibly open more doors for the future.


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