Our Mission

While in Papua New Guinea, we will be working with the Chad Wells family. They have been in Pangia, PNG since 2008. In January of 2013, my wife and I took a trip with our church so see them. While there, Bro Wells asked us if we would consider coming back to help him, and to work under him. We will be staying about 1 year for our first term. This time was recommended by Chad.

We will work with him in ministering to the people there, learning the culture and customs of the PNG people.


We will also be helping run the print shop on the mission station, which provides tracts, hymnals, fliers, and most recently Bibles in the Tok Pisin.



We¬†are very excited to be able to work under a faithful man of God, as well as have a part in getting God’s word into the hands of these people for the first time! Please pray for us, and the Wells family as we endeavor to reach Papua New Guinea for the Lord.


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