PNG flag

I grew up with a dad who served in the military, and if you’ve listened to my testimony, you know that I was very interested in going to the military when I “grew up”. I love it. I love the way our army looks, and i love the aircraft our Air Force gets to use. I love the sheer force of our navy, and I love the fearlessness of our Marines. I love how they are a symbol of our country. I love how great our country still is! I tell people that if they go outside of the country, and go on a trip to a third world country, they won’t complain about our America. As much as I love our country, something has changed. I love when a church puts up the Papua New Guinea flag in their conference. I see its red and black, and the bird of paradise, and I am happy that those colors represent MY country. Its a weird feeling to be divided between two nations, but I am. I can’t wait to get there and start working, but I know I will miss my home country. Thank you so much to those churches who put up flags. It is a great encouragement to walk in and see it on the wall.

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