A December Surprise!

Last Month we were asked to provide music for one of the churches that we have presented at. We used this geographic opportunity (or in other words, “We were in the area”) to visit a church that I had been to about 4 years previously when I was working near Corning on a Wednesday night.  I know the pastor through another church near us, but I had not gotten a hold of him to schedule a meeting.

Bucksettlement Baptist Church

Legend has it that Bucksettlement was a bustling metropolis at one point…. Well, maybe not bustling, but it had a firehouse! This town is located outside of Bath NY, and its all farm land now. All thats left in this town is the church you see here, and farms and houses. Its great driving to it. If you haven’t been before,  you may ask yourself “Am I going the right way?” This church, though, is BUSY! It was such a blessing to be there. Pastor Fergusson was a great hosting pastor, especially since we were just looking for a place to have Sunday service at. He gave me some time to give a testimony, and he allowed us to play our piano duet for his church. We were happy to be able to minister that Sunday. They also blessed us with a love offering and decided to take us on for support that same morning!


I can’t begin to describe what a christmas present that was for our family. It takes so much work and time from the point that you make contact with a pastor to when that church votes to support you, and through Bucksettlement Baptist Church’s generosity, we were able to bypass a lot of that time!


Thank You so much, and thank you to the churches and people that support us already! We couldn’t do it without your prayers and monies. We are grateful to you all!

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