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Precious Times

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Grandparents collageWe have been given a wonderful blessing! My wife’s parents came all the way to Cebu to see me! While I am sure they are very pleased to see their (wonderful) son-in-law I know they are really excited to see Elizabeth and the kiddos. Skype has been a great tool for us to keep in contact with our loved ones and it blesses my heart to know that Abbie and Micah will know their family members living in the States. The kids are not scared of my in-laws; they know who they are because of Skype. I thank the Lord for this little blessing. There are times Elizabeth and I get frustrated with our slow internet but overall we know we are supremely blessed. There was a time when being a missionary meant that you were completely cut off from your loved ones-it was a blessing to receive a letter every six months! So we thank the Lord for our families and the internet that has kept us connected.  We are savoring these precious few weeks with my in-laws and the conversations that are never interrupted by poor internet reception! :)

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  1. Alma

    I was so happy that Keith and Joyce were able to come and visit you .the joy on their faces was such a blessing to see. It sure did warm my heart to see all the pictures of all of you during their time with you.

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