Colors of ChristmasChristmas…it’s a special time in this busy world. It’s a time when hearts think about family and the greatest gift that was ever given…the birth of our Savior.  In this Christmas season we have attempted to share the true meaning of Christmas with the world. On December 8th we invited people to come and see our Children’s Christmas Program. ‘Color’s of Christmas’ was a 30 minute program that showed the meaning of each beautiful color we see around the Christmas season. “Red is for the blood Jesus shed for sinners who are lost…The true meaning of Christmas in the colors we see is the gift of salvation given for you and for me!” It was a beautiful program and we had almost 100% of our parents come to see their children tell the Christmas story in song.  Each one of those parents heard Pastor Travis preach the gospel and had an opportunity to think about Christ. The Christmas Program has been a wonderful tool to reach out to the lost and make way for future visits!