IMG_9495 To celebrate the true reason for the season, North Cebu Baptist Church hosted a Children’s Christmas Program.   It’s something that both the kids and the parents look forward to each year!  This year we had ninety children participate in our program, Come As A Child!  They did a great job singing and making the program come to life.  In all, we had forty-five parents come to see the program and hear the beautiful story of Christmas.  Amidst the business of the season we need to always remember the miracle of Christ’s birth, a King who was born to die for this sinful world.  There can be not doubt of the sin that plagues this earth.  We are reminded of the human condition every time we watch the news or hear of an unimaginable crime that has been committed.  All these things should make us turn to a loving God who offers a better way.  He simply wants us to come as a child-believing in Him, repenting of our sin, and accepting Him alone as the way to heaven.