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Blessings on the Field

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As Christians, it’s always a tremendous blessing to see the Lord work in our lives and in the ministry around us.  Sometimes we get discouraged when we don’t see the results of our labor turn out quite the way we wanted.  But then there are times when you weren’t expecting it, that God moves and does something amazing.  I think that’s one of the ways the Lord reminds us that He’s in control.  He gets the glory!  Because you know that it definitely wasn’t your doing!  We had one of those moments this week.  Many of you will remember that we just started seeing wonderful results from our back yard bible school in Nasipit.  So far we’ve had twenty-five to thirty children come to listen to our Bible stories!  That has been a major blessing in itself but we’ve still seen only a few come to church with us on Sunday.  This past weekend happened to be a fiesta for our little town so I wasn’t expecting anything different.  In fact my expectations were so low that I wouldn’t have been surprised if even our regulars didn’t come to church.  Visitation that Saturday went well, we actually had several great conversations and received several promises.  On Sunday I went to pick up our route and was shocked to find several visitors waiting for me!  When we got to church I found that a family had even come on their own!  This week our numbers doubled and the seeds of the Gospel were planted! What an exciting Sunday!  Praise the Lord for this special blessing!  Pray, pray, pray that these families will respond to what they have heard and be saved!

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