Right after Christmas I went with our church to Baptist Snow Camp!  We’ve enjoyed the mild winter we’ve had so far but if you want to have snow camp, it’s always better when there’s actually snow.  Some of our teens actually packed light clothing in anticipation of a warm two days.   What a surprise when we drove into Sinclairville and found ourselves surrounded by a blanket of white.  Despite the weather elsewhere the Lord has provided snow for the camp 16 out of 17 years!  We brought 30 boys and 20 girls from our church and were excited to see what the Lord would do in their lives.  The preaching was amazing!  Brother Robbie Morrison was the main speaker and brought messages that everyone could benefit from.  Another preacher directed his message to second generation Christians, teenagers who had grown up in church.  Several got saved and many others made great decisions that will continue to impact lives.  I’m glad that I was able to come this year!  I look forward to going again in the future when we come back to visit from Cebu.  God has used camp in my life over and over again and I feel truly blessed!