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We are excited to present to you a brand new system for notifying you when we add new content (articles, books, bible studies, sermons, audio preaching and much more) to Faith Bible Baptist Church's site.

In the past we used a system of notification that made it easy for you to sign up to the list and to remove yourself. This new notification mailing list is just as easy for you. We are using's excellent notification system along with a Wordpress blog. Yes, it was easy for you in the past, but as many know - we did not send out many notifications. We had to manually send out a list using an email list program that was complex to use.

Now all we have to do is add a notice on our "FBBC's What's New Notifcation Blog" and a notification email will be automatically sent to all who are signed up to the list. One email is sent each night, only if new material is available.

Pastor Kohl is working on much new material this year, please sign up today so you can be notified when it is added to the site:

Your email address will not be used for any other reason. We promise to keep it private!
FBBC's What's New Notification Blog

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