Live Streaming Player Options - Option one works best for most

Watching Live

Regular Services:
Sunday 10 AM
Sunday 11 AM
Sunday 6 PM

Wednesday 6:30 PM

Option 1 ->  Live On Our New Website:

FBBC Live Stream


Option 1 allows Pausing and Live Rewind - great for if you miss the start of the Live Stream.


Option 2-> Use Boxcast Full Page Player:
Option 3-> Watch On Our Facebook Page:

Facebook Live

Option 4-> Watch On Our YouTube Channel:

Facebook Live


For those who know how:

See instructions here for Option 5, 6, 7

Option 5-> Watch On Apple TV - Download the APP

Apple TV

Option 6-> Watch On Amazon Fire TV or Firestick TV - Download the APP

Fire TV

Option 7-> Watch On Roku TV - Download the APP

Roku TV



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