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You can leave a comment on our posts if you would like to be in touch, or you can mail any correspondence to our sending church, and they will happily get it to us.

Sending Church / Mailing Address

Justin and Kayleigh Dye

c/o Faith Bible Baptist Church

8688 S Main St

Eden, NY 14057


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  1. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing your presentation at Bible Baptist Church, Mercer, Pa. I am the secretary & was making up the bulletin, so just took a moment to welcome you ~~~ Martha Armour

    • Thanks Mrs. Armour we are getting excited about visiting your church! It’s always great to go to a church where you know the pastor and some of the members. It’ll be a good Sunday.

  2. “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” It is such a blessing to see former students glorifying God with their lives. I’m glad the Lord allowed for me to reconnect so I can watch!

    Our family is in a ministry in Wyoming called Baptist Youth Mission. Our primary focus has been helping local churches with their youth programming, but over the last few years, we have shifted to doing more church worker/leader training. We have jumped into the digital world, and we produce blogs, podcasts and online courses. I get to teach, just in a different venue. Most of my students actually want to be in my classes! We also do some of our trainings in conferences, but our big focus has moved to online. Our digital training website is We developed the name from the idea that we want to reach new families and KEEP them in our churches. A big part of our work has been starting a church plant 8 years ago that is now one of the coolest churches I have ever been a part of. My title at BYM/ ReachKeep and Sinclair Baptist Church is “Executive Secretary”, although my boss (aka pastor) sometimes calls me the “chief of staff” because I do far more than a secretary. Caleb is married, has graduated from Bible college (IBCS in Chandler, AZ), and is now our assistant pastor. Noah is attending a community college in Cheyenne, and Amy is home with us.

    If your deputation travels bring you out west, we have a building and we often are able to house traveling missionaries. You can contact me at BYM at 307-324-4800.

  3. Hello, Dye Family,

    We are looking forward to your being with us. I’d like to ask you a few questions and give you some information regarding your arrival, so contact me, please!

    Rebekah Foote, Pastor’s wife
    Baptist Temple of Franklin, PA

  4. Brother Dye,
    Thanks for being willing to preach and teach at Conewango Baptist Church in Sunday School and the morning service on November 12th.
    Pastor Marc Loranger

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