Charity House (Prophets Chambers)

• What is our Charity House?

The “Charity House” is a small, 2-bedroom home located in Irving, New York (about 20 minutes from the church), where missionaries, evangelists, and pastors can stay for free while traveling through the area. We share this home with four other churches, who also use it for guest speakers and missionaries. We never charge for this use of this house.

• What is in Charity house?

You will find a full bath with shower, two bedrooms, a full kitchen with a nice dining area and a decent size living room. You can spread out and enjoy your stay. A new washing machine (June 2008) and dryer are available to wash all your clothing. Many find that alone to be a great blessing of Chrity House. We also just installed a new paved driveway (June 2008).

• How did we acquire It?

Back in 1995, a faithful man in our church was moving, and decided to sell his old home to the church for $1. We bought it, and – through the hard work of church members – completely remodeled it.

• Why have a house like this?

Just think – if this house is used 200 nights a year (which it usually is), and a motel costs about $75 per night, we are saving these servants of God around $15,000 per year!

Not only that, but this home is fully furnished, and provides these families with a comfortable, private place to stay and refresh themselves.

For a biblical example of this kind of house, read 2 Kings 4:8-11.

• Who has stayed there?

We don’t have accurate records, but on average, 30-40 people or families have used Charity House each year since 1996. That could mean around 400 different people or families have used this house. Some stay for one night, others have stayed for a month or more.

• Who is in charge of this ministry?

Pastor Seth handles the scheduling part of this ministry. Sharon Czech is the cleaning lady, and many different people take part in the maintenance of the house and lawn.

• How to make arrangements to stay in Charity House?

Call the church office at 716-992-2091, ask for Pastor Seth to check on availability and make plans to stay.

• Directions to Charity House:

Charity House
12806 Mott Rd
Irving, NY 14081-9756
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