Faith is in Our History not Just in our Name...

The Faith Bible Baptist Church was started by our Lord on Sunday, March 13, 1983. It’s charter members were: Ed and Carol Durham, Bob and Lori Rizzo, Jeff and Julie Haenel and Pastor and Mrs. Kohl. Their children who had been born at the time also attended the first service. There were fourteen in attendance.

For three months the Church met in the Durham’s home in Angola, NY. It became obvious that more room was needed. A high day of thirty eight really crowded out the house.

The Store Front Church - 25 N Main St - Angola, NY

For exactly two years from June 1983, until June 1985, the church met in this building, having outgrown the Durham's house.

As many as 175 people a service attended during this time. A high day of 191 was enjoyed here. They all crammed into this storefront building.

104 people attended on the First Anniversary Service. Pastor Aszbach, the man who led Pastor Kohl to the Lord, preached.

An additional store front was rented at 27 North Main, then a small Barber Shop, even a Bus was parked in the back parking lot as a room.

Right from the beginning FBBC was using the Bus Ministry to bring people to the Lord. A Bus Ministry was started immediately, a second bus was added soon after the first.

The Church In The Schoolhouse - Farnham, NY

Miraculously the Lord opened a door for us to move the Church to the Old Farnham School Building. We stayed there for four years without paying a penny in rent. The Church is very grateful to the Ralph Hogg, Sr. family for this. Many were saved. The highest Sunday attendance day was 278, but a week of Revival meetings in 1988 averaged over 300 in attendance for five nights.

We had a "fleet" of bus routes going at this time. Snow, rain or sleet we kept them rollin'. That's Bob Rizzo on the right, one of our faithful bus workers looking back at us.

Hey look at the good looking ushers we had back in Farnham!
Mr. Jim Evans is still an usher after all these years.

A full house...

Our Current Location - Eden, NY

The Church then moved to this present location on the 1st of May, 1989. By the closing date of November 30th of that year, the building was paid for in cash. The Church has remained out of debt for all these years by the Grace of God and by the faithful giving of God’s people.

The building does not look like this any longer...

In 1996 the men of the Church built a 1200 square foot addition to the south side of the building. This room supplied for more seating in the auditorium upstairs and a World Wide Printing Ministry in the basement. This addition also was paid for in cash.
Over sixty Missionary endeavors are supported on a monthly basis. The Church has enjoyed many Sundays with over 300 in attendance in our current location.

Currently we are working on an identical addition to the other side of the church. This much needed space will be used for additional seating in the main auditorium and three new classrooms in the cellar. A much needed entrance with a chair lift is being installed for our growing Seniors Fellowship and Dinner we host on Thursday mornings.

We are excited about the future of FBBC. As the Lord tarries we have many more dreams of expansion. We are looking into purchasing land and a building in the area for more "much needed" space.

Pray with us that we follow the Lord's leading in all this...

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