Classic preaching from the past

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MP3 If I Perish, I Perish - Dr. Jack Hyles: Keep on serving the Lord no matter what others may say.
MP3 If No So That, Then So What - Dr. Jack Hyles: Things is life should have a purpose to serve the Lord, if not, stop doing them.
MP3 Keep Your Stinking Feet Out of My Drinking Water - Dr. Jack Hyles: Dr Hyles talks about the pure King James Bible.
MP3 Payday Someday - Dr. RG Lee   (Read Text Version) We live now, but then the judgment.
MP3 Some On Broken Pieces - Dr. Jack Hyles: God can use everyone!
MP3 Sunday’s Coming - Dr. Jack Hyles: It may look like evil is prevailing, but Jesus is returning - He will set things right.
MP3 The Bush Still Burns - Dr. Jack Hyles: The last sermon Dr Hyles preached before going on to heaven.
MP3 The Mule Walked On - Dr. Lester Roloff: This message is powerful and prophetic; preached 40 years ago he foretells of the coming sex age and describes the wave of drug use gripping our land today. Not a sermon for the easily offended Christian. At the end the tent falls in but, thank God, not one person was hurt!