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6. Sowing the Seed

What is a farm without sowing the seed and raising crops? There were different ways of sowing the seed.

We had a corn drill that planted two rows of corn at one time.

There was a grain drill that planted wheat. It was about eight feet wide and planted rows of grain about an inch apart.

We had a Cauli-packer that required two people to sit on either side of a furrow-making blade while a tractor pulled it. We would alternate putting tomato plants in the furrow every two feet. The machine would then cover the plants up and water them! Simple, but it made life a little easier.

There are different ways to sow the seed but we never dug one hole and poured all of the seed into it.

Sometimes believers will do this. They witness to the same person over and over again. They focus on getting one person “saved.” They forget the other 6,000,000,000 people on earth. Leave them alone and go on to someone else!

I fear the church in America is sometimes like this. One missionary told me there are ninety-nine Baptist churches in Gary, Indiana. That’s a lot of seed in one hole. There are 1,200 towns in the west without any church. Countries with millions of people in them have only a handful of missionaries trying to reach them.

Each individual and church should do their part in getting the gospel, literature, and Bibles out to each person in their town, their country, and their world.

Does God want you to be a missionary? Why not stop right now and pray and ask Him? Then wait for his answer.

Mark 4:3,14 says, “Hearken; Behold, there went out a sower to sow:...The sower soweth the word.”

Pastor Art Kohl

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