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5. Proud As A Peacock

I do not know much about peacocks, even though I grew up with two of them. Mike and Millie were their names. They had free run of the farm although they spent most of the day in their cage.

After awhile we forgot they were there, until an occasional customer would yell, “Oh my! Look at that,” as they pointed to Mike, who would be showing off in full plumage.

Mike was amazing. His feathers would stand about six feet tall and six feet wide in a semi-circle. He was a real show off. We would even sell his feathers at our store when they fell each year. What amazing colors.

Peacocks are a picture of pride. There is an old saying, “Proud as a peacock.”

Peacocks are pretty worthless except for show. They can hardly fly – about twenty feet before crash landing. They would be defenseless if attacked. They are so dumb that over ninety percent their young starve to death right in front of food.

“Pride goeth before destruction...” is an adage of Solomon (Proverbs 16:18). How many proud people there are in the church! All “show” but defenseless in spiritual warfare. They sit in front of spiritual food each week and think its for someone else, someone who “really needs this sermon.” They starve to death spiritually sitting in church! Don’t be dumb like the peacock. The next sermon you hear – take it personally. Humble yourself and eat for your soul whatever is served up at church.

Pastor Art Kohl

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