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13. The Backsliding Bull

We never had much cattle on the farm, mostly pigs and chickens. Once in a while we would have a cow. But I do remember one young bull – and not with fondness.

He would figure out ways to get out of his pen and run loose. He would kick and buck and overpower any of us who would try to control him by the collar and rope he had attached to his neck. He was young, but weighing 600-800 pounds gave him an advantage over all of us.

Once he ran across the street to the cow farm our neighbor had. He was probably looking for some fellowship with other kine. We could not satisfy that need. We had to get him back home, however, and out of danger.

We pulled on his rope, but he would not cooperate or come back. Finally we had to bring a big tractor across the street. The rope was tied to the tractor and the bull was literally dragged up our one hundred three yard stone driveway and back to the barn. He dug all four of his hooves into the stones, and dug grooves into the driveway, all the way back home.

Believer in Christ, is God dragging you to heaven? Do you have to be dragged to church? Are you so in fellowship with the world and so far from home that you have to be pulled along? Are you rebellious, proud, stubborn, hard-hearted, and hard headed? Confess, forsake, and repent of it!

Hosea once said, “For Israel slideth back as a backsliding heifer:” (Hosea 4:16). Backslider, come back home to God today and fellowship with his people.

Pastor Art Kohl

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