New Series Added: Marriage 101

We added Pastor Kohl’s Marriage 101 series to the site today. These lessons are required to be completed by those he potentially will marry. Marriage is a serious PERMANENT event in one’s life. You better get it right. These lessons and a humble heart will help.

Marriage 101– is a series of 5 lessons taught by Pastor Art Kohl. There are ten principles. These principles are a complilation of many influences on his life from various sources and books, and from his own life experiences. These are shared with you, not so that you will just “stay married,” but so you will enjoy it for a lifetime and be happy! Click Here To Download The  Seminar Boolet in .PDF FormatLesson Booklet This booklet in .pdf  format is needed to go along with the messages. Fill in the blanks and take good notes as you listen to this seminar.