New page created: Pastor Art Kohl’s Sermon Series

We created a new feature on the site today: Pastor Art Kohl’s Sermon Series. There is now a page that lists all of Pastor Kohl’s sermon series that are uploaded to the site. Individual pages can be reached from this new page or via the site navigation bar.

We will be uploading numerous series that Pastor Kohl has preached and taught over the years and getting them added to this new page. Right now there are six different series listed:

Apologetics–  series of 17 messages dealing with the defense and establishment of the Christian faith

Great Chapters of the Bible –  series of 43 messages – in 2011 to honor of the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, Pastor Kohl preached on a different “great chapter” of the Bible during  many of our Sunday night services

Through the Book of Exodus – series of 24 messages – verse by verse teaching & preaching

Through the Book of Philippians – series of 4 messages – – verse by verse teaching & preaching

The Seven Churches – series of 7 messages on the letters to the Churches in the Book of Revelation

What is Parenting? – series of 8 messages – in 2002 Pastor Kohl sat down in his office and recorded these Biblical lessons to help people raise their children to love God and others

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