Pastor Art Kohl - Senior Pastor & Founder

Art Kohl was born on February 26, 1957, to a Catholic mother and Protestant father. His mother died of cancer before he was five years old. His dad, George, remarried and moved to a farm. George began searching for answers to questions about eternity, and when Pastor was 13 years old, his dad left the United Church of Christ and joined Bible believing church. Around March of 1970, Pastor heard the gospel for the first time ever. He recalls learning how Jesus Christ wanted to save him from his sins and give him eternal life. Pastor and his two brothers trusted Jesus as their Saviour that day. A year and a half later, through the counsel of his brother George, Pastor received assurance of his salvation. He was then baptized, at the age of 15.

Pastor’s brother George went to Bible college and currently pastors the Belmont Street Baptist Church in Worcester, Massachusetts. His dad also studied for the pastorate and was ordained. He has pastored for the past 18 plus years, and is presently ministering at the Wales Center Community Baptist Church.

Pastor married Leslie Thompson in 1979. The Lord has given them three children – Rebekah, Stephen, and Rachel.

After much study, prayer, and fasting, Pastor Kohl felt led of the Lord to begin the Faith Bible Baptist Church on Sunday, March 13, 1983. There were fourteen in attendance on it’s first Sunday. For three months the Church met in a home in Angola, New York. Soon it became obvious that more room was needed. A high day of thirty eight really crowded out the house.

The church moved to a storefront building on Main Street in Angola. A bus ministry was started and soon an additional store front was rented, then a small barber shop. As the church grew, they even had to use a bus as a classroom. The Church stayed in this location for two years and enjoyed a high day of 191. The Church’s First Anniversary had 104 in attendance.

Miraculously the Lord opened a door for the church to move to an school building. They stayed there for four years without paying a penny in rent. Many were saved there. The highest Sunday attendance day was 278, but a week of revival meetings in 1988 averaged over 300 in attendance for five consecutive nights.

The church then moved to its present location in Eden, New York, in May, 1989. By the closing date of November 30, 1989, the building was paid for in cash. By God’s grace and the faithful giving of God’s people, the church has remained out of debt. Nearly seventy missionary works are supported on a monthly basis, as well as over 40 different ministries.

In 1996 the men of the Church built a 1200 square foot addition to the south side of the building. This room supplied for more seating in the auditorium and a printing ministry in the basement. In 2003 an addition on the north side was added to provide more seating in the sanctuary and more classroom space downstairs.

Only the Lord knows how many souls have been saved over the years through the Faith Bible Baptist Church.

Pastor Kohl’s theme verses, to guide him in his ministry:

Titus 1:3 “ But hath in due times manifested his word through preaching, which is committed unto me according to the commandment of God our Saviour;”

Jeremiah 3:15 “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.”

1 Timothy 5:17b “...especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.”

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