PNG flag

I grew up with a dad who served in the military, and if you’ve listened to my testimony, you know that I was very interested in going to the military when I “grew up”. I love it. I love the way our army looks, and i love the aircraft our Air Force gets to use. I love the sheer force of our navy, and I love the fearlessness of our Marines. I love how they are a symbol of our country. I love how great our country still is! I tell people that if they go outside of the country, and go on a trip to a third world country, they won’t complain about our America. As much as I love our country, something has changed. I love when a church puts up the Papua New Guinea flag in their conference. I see its red and black, and the bird of paradise, and I am happy that those colors represent MY country. Its a weird feeling to be divided between two nations, but I am. I can’t wait to get there and start working, but I know I will miss my home country. Thank you so much to those churches who put up flags. It is a great encouragement to walk in and see it on the wall.

Thanks for prayer!

Chad mentioned in his family’s prayer letter that his eye is becoming less painful and that the blurry vision is also lessening. Thank you so much for praying for him. Prayer matters so much to missions; it just takes something small to physically knock you out and asking God to protect us goes a long way! 

Quenching Thirst!

Aaron Antonio, Callen Lange, and Justin Dye


Proverbs 25:25 says, “As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.”

This is all i could think about as I was able to sit down with Aaron Antonio, a missionary to Cambodia, and talk about some of the people I had met a few years ago. In 2011, I went on a missions trip to visit Aaron, and his parents. I was able to meet people my age, and get to know them in the 3 weeks we were there. This past week, Aaron brought great news about how some of those people are now married and have kids, just like Kayleigh and me. A lot of them are also still in church! It was great to hear that so many of them are still faithful to God, and are now raising families in a pagan country! What a blessing to hear about that!


Need Some Prayer

Over the past week we’ve received emails from the family that we are going to work with in Papua New Guinea. I would appreciate it if you would take the time to read through these messages and pray for Chad Wells.

ULG071212_092120 Alimbit Outreach - Chad With Twins


Mar 17th:

We have a prayer request. Yesterday, something got in Chad’s eye. It is still there. We think it might be a metal shard. We can see it but it is very tiny. He feels it move inside every time he closes his eye. It was a rough night! We are on our way to Kudjip (we were in communications with dr. Radcliffe) to have it removed. It is 7:30am now. We should be there by 10am (8pm for you). Please pray for a safe trip in and a quick resolution.

Mar 21 UPDATE:

We are back in Pangia now. Today (Saturday) Chad’s eye is really hurting. He has a fuzzy spot that hasn’t gone away yet, too. We are trying to keep him “calm”, although you know that it is hard to keep Chad down! He got the dorm boys working on their kitchen and helped them out until his eye hurt too much and he needed to come rest it. They were able to keep working on it and did well.
We were supposed to go to Kauapini tomorrow to preach but we let Pastor Cash know that we will have to try again another week. Maybe staying in Pangia tomorrow will allow it to heal faster.
If we aren’t seeing greater improvement by Monday we may drive back in to see if Dr. Radcliffe can find more metal in his eye. So, we are praying that it will just improve greatly by then!
Kirsten Wells
Phone : 675 70454892


As I said, please pray for Bro Chad and his eye to heal. I will update when I get another email from Mrs. Wells!

Old Friends

We were able to go to a Missions Conference at a church pastored by Justin’s former youth pastor. Pastor Gerwitz had a big influence on him as a young teen, and was the leader of the missions trip that got Justin thinking seriously about missions.

We had a great weekend catching up with them (or in Kayleigh’s case, meeting for the first time 🙂 ), and also presenting our ministry to the congregation.

She’s Here

Sorry this took so long!

Adrienne Leigh was born on September 13, 2014 at 10:43am. She weighed 6lbs 4oz, and was 19 3/4 inches long.


We are thankful for a safe delivery and a healthy baby!



Erie County Fair

ec fair

Kayleigh and I were happy to participate with our church in our soulwinning booth at the Erie County Fair this year. Faith Bible Baptist Church has been a witness at this fair for many years. We partner with Amazing Grace Missions. Any time the fair is open, there are soulwinners at the booth. My wife and I were able to hand out tracts and invite people into the booth to hear the gospel. It was a privilege to be witnesses for Christ in our community. There were 214 filled out decision cards testifying that they were saved this year at the fair! This is 50 more people than last year’s fair. What a blessing.

A Visit and VBS

Sunday night we dropped in on Hedstrom Baptist Church for a visit. When we arrived, we noticed that things didn’t seem quite set up for a church service, and there were a lot of kids around…. We had picked the first night of their Vacation Bible School to drop in!



As this was only a few days after our church’s VBS, we were happy to jump right in and help. They swiftly put us to work in the craft area making “worker bees.” Justin was able to find some bee facts, and think up a little lesson to share with the kids as they worked on their craft: worker bees do what they are supposed to without being told, and that’s how we should be too!




We enjoyed getting to meet the church members and kids in a less formal setting, and we look forward to going back sometime to see what a “real” church service is like. 🙂