Death Is Not The Victor

Did not death emerge the victor
On life’s final battlefield?
Did we not see our loved one captured?
While we were forced to yield?

Cannot death claim correctly
That he has finally won,
While we stumble, sadly wounded,
Toward the setting sun?

No! That has not happened!
Death’s victor is a lie.
Christ has plainly told us
That His children never die!

When death captured the mortal body
What our eyes could not see
Was that only a temple had been taken,
But a soul had been set free.

The walls of flesh have yielded
And heaven’s gate has opened wide.
Even before we heard the news,
Our loved one safely walked inside.

So look up! Rejoice, beloved!
Death has fallen in defeat.
His victory march abated,
For God forces his retreat.

And our loved ones are declared the victors,
Their triumph sealed and true.
Because their souls live on in heaven
And their memories live on in you.

-Arthur Wilt

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