The Current Cultural War: It’s Not About Marriage!

by Pastor Art Kohl
February 2004 Message of The Month:
The cultural war over homosexuality in America cannot be avoided. It is daily on our TV’s, radios, and in our newspapers. Like it or not. Most recently we have heard of the counterfeit marriage certificates given to gay and lesbian couples by the mayor and city of San Francisco – even though this is against the law. The issue is not about marriage, it is about law. Is this a land of laws? Will we be governed by laws or by the civilly disobedient who will do their own thing? The prospects of that is frightening.

It is also an issue of morals. Do we want the government to put its stamp of approval on homosexual behaviors? Do we honestly think it will stop there? The picture we are seeing portrayed in the media isn’t the whole story. Before we embrace this behavior as a nation consider:

1. Homosexuality is fatal – The average homosexual male dies by age 43, the average homosexual female by 49. This is exactly 30 years less than for heterosexuals. The cry against cigarettes today is because it reduces a life by six years. Where is the cry about this fatal behavior?

2. Homosexuality is unhealthy – their shorter lives are often plagued by many more loathsome diseases. Both quantity and quality of life are diminished.

3. It is abusive - sodomy is abusive by the nature of the act.

4. Commitment is questionable. In Holland, where they have had gay marriage for ten years, the verdict shows 67% of gay couples divorce within 1.5 years. The average gay married man had eight other partners while married. The average homosexual man has 200 partners in his life.

5. Hate Crimes legislation. In Canada several preachers are in jail for simply preaching what the Bible says about homosexuality. They were accused of “hate crimes.” Their Bible-based preaching was considered volatile and a threat to society. Will America follow and consider limiting freedom of speech and religion?

6. It is unnatural. It is prevalent among men who either did not have fathers or were not close to their fathers. It’s practice explodes in jail populations. It is influenced by environment, recruitment, or indoctrination.

Doesn’t God love homosexuals? Absolutely, but He also “commandeth all men every where to repent.” (See Acts 17:30.) Any type of fornication is wrong according to scripture. Whether engaged in by heterosexuals or homosexuals. The Lord says, “Abstain from fornication.” (See 1 Thessalonians 4:3.)

When God created man and instituted marriage, it was between male and female. The family is the fabric of our nation. It should be strengthened, not trifled with. It may be time to contact our senators and representatives and encourage them to define marriage properly in the constitution. As goes the home so goes the nation.

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