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What Exactly Are Your Parent’s Responsibilities?

by Pastor Art Kohl
March 10, 2006
You parents have been given these responsibilities by God:

1. Clothing

  • To clothe you in a Christian manner
  • To oversee your dress, appearance, hair, and make-up
  • To teach you to avoid worldliness and immodesty

2. Food & Nutrition

  • To feed you with nutritious meals
  • To not feed you unhealthy food
  • To teach you to avoid the world’s junk food, which leads to physical maladies and unruly behavior

3. Discipline

  • To discipline you with the goal of teaching you to be a decent, law-abiding citizen and Christian
  • To produce an atmosphere of quiet and peace in your home
  • To purge you of stubbornness, rebellion, and pride
  • To have your will be submitted to God’s will
  • To teach you – through education, chastisement, and work – to be a responsible, contributing human being
  • To teach you to control your emotions

4. Entertainment & Communication

  • To protect you from evil people and influences
  • To teach you to avoid evil communications of today (on the Internet, on TV, in movies, in chat rooms, in worldly music, on cell phones, in video games, and so on)
  • To approve of all reading materials, books, posters, magazines, etc.
  • To oversee and approve (or disapprove) of friendships and relationships

5. Privacy

  • To know what is in every bedroom, desk, drawer, etc., at all times.
  • To oversee all e-mails, computer programs, etc.
  • To oversee what you are watching, listening to, or talking about

6. Education

  • To lead you to Jesus Christ, and teach you that He can be your Saviour and Shepherd.
  • To educate them in the Bible before they leave the home.

The home is under the authority of the parents and they have every right and responsibility to do these things listed above. There are no perfect parents. But whether your parents show hyprocrisy or consistency, you are to obey and honor them.

If you have a stepmother or stepfather, you are to be subject to them, too (see Luke 2:51).

Most children live under their parents’ authority, in their parents’ homes, for about ¼ of their lives. God promises to bless children with long life if they will obey and honor their parents. Children and teenagers should submit to the Scriptures and the power of God in their lives.

This list of responsibilities is based on my 36 years of familiarity with the Bible.

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