How I Learned From Great Men

by Dr. Jack Hyles

1. I never wanted to pull away from their influence.
2. I never required them to make 100, to make an A.
3. I never let closeness with them disappoint me.
4. I never decided again my opinion of them.
5. I never looked for things to copy.
6. I did not resist being like they were.
7. I did not probe them with questions.
8. I never enjoyed disagreeing with them.
9. If I did disagree, I never spoke with them about it.
10. I never dominated their time.
11. I never wondered what they thought about me.
12. I read and reread their books.
13. I decided what I believed and never reopened my mind.
14. I never tried to learn from the wrong group.
15. I studied what they were when they were my age.
16. I learned as they talked.
17. I gave them veto power in my life.
18. I watched carefully their treatment of different types of people.
19. I never believed any criticism of them.
20. I never expected perfection.
21. I sought what they had in common with each other.

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