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15th Anniversary!

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North Cebu Baptist Church celebrated its 15th anniversary! That’s 15 years of sharing the gospel and growing relationships with the Savior.  The church really worked together to celebrate this big milestone. Families pitched in to provide beautiful flowers, others used their resources to decorate, and help order cakes.  140 people came, including children and adults!  It was another victory from the Lord.  What a blessing to see our people sacrifice and praise the Lord together with their families!  As a nationalized church, they have really stepped up and taken part in the work. We pray the Lord will give North Cebu Baptist Church many more years to serve Him! 


Never Too Old!

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Tatay Marshel and Nanay Susan have been a blessing! Last year we watched them find salvation in Christ! Since then, they have come to church faithfully, bringing several grandkids with them. :) In July, they followed the Lord in Believer’s Baptism! This precious couple is a testiment that you’re never too old to be saved! The Gospel can still penetrate the heart and convert the soul at any age!  


A Searching Soul

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I’m so thankful for a God who provides. He provided for the Ethiopian Eunuch who was lost but searching, He provided for Cornelius who wanted to know the true God, and God still provides for the searching soul today. A young man came to our teen activity and heard the Gospel for the first time. His response was amazing. He said, “My family is Catholic but I had a lot of questions so I started reading the Bible on my own. I wanted to know the truth about life and religion. I just did not understand what I was reading. Now, I understand!” It’s not every day that you find someone hungry for the truth! We’re so thankful for this boy and for God’s provision! 

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